Maremma puppies Livestock Guardians in Bainbridge, New York

Maremma puppies Livestock Guardians
Price: $750
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Maremma Livestock Guardian Puppies.
MAREMMAS ARE NOT PETS. They are Working Farm Animals.
Predator control... they stay on guard all night so you can sleep.
Your farm or ranch will be protected 24/7!
Our litter of 9 pups were born on January 24 and will be for sale after April 1, 2014. Call or text us to reserve one for you.
There are five males and four female puppies.
The sire, Lorenzo, has purebred papers filed and registered.
The Maremmas are a 2000 year old breed of livestock guardians bred in the Italian Alps. The have been bred to watch over sheep and goats and keep the wolves and coyotes away. Pure white double fur breed, hearty as a polar bear. Very large dogs. The female will be approx. 100 lbs. and the male will be about 150 lbs. They sleep outdoors all year round and love the coldest weather.
THEY ARE NOT HOUSE DOGS! They don't even want a dog house.
These guardians will not be sold as pets, they only want to be working dogs. They do not act the way pets do because they have a real strong work ethic. They must live outdoors all the time and have acreage to roam and other animals to protect.
In the winter, they sleep in the snow, they eat snow for water. In the summer they shed their heavy coats.
Look them up on Google. They keep coyotes away from your farm so you can sleep at night. No predators come within 1000s of feet near our farm.
The first photo is of our original guardians.
The sire, Lorenzo, he is now a year old. The mother, Renata, is two years old.
The photo of Lorenzo standing up was taken when he was eight months old.
Call us if you have any questions:
Phil 607-226-0181
Linda 607-376-6188

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